Troop Finances

Money management in Girl Scouts is easy if it's done as you go. If you have any questions about finances, you can contact our service unit treasurer.

Financial Guidelines

Troop leaders and treasurers should do the Troop Treasurer training. The Financial Guidelines are included here for easy reference.

Annual Reporting

All income and expenses must be tracked by category. Each year, in April or May, the troop treasurer submits a financial report to the service unit treasurer. You can use an electronic spreadsheet, Quicken, or any money-management software that can track the information required.

For reporting, put the data into this Excel spreadsheet and email it to the service unit treasurer.

If you need additional help:

Bank Accounts

All troop money must run through the bank account. This provides a paper trail should a parent ask questions about how money is being handled. As soon as you have a troop number and some money, you're ready to set up your account. Girl Scouts bank accounts must be set up at Wells Fargo, through the specific Girl Scouts contacts. Here's the process.

Money-Earning Projects

Troops can do projects to earn extra money for a special event when needed. The guidelines and requirements have changed slightly for 2013 so be sure to review them first and discuss them with the girls. Money-earning projects need to be approved by the service unit team. Usually this means the girls present their project and the reason why they need the money, in an informal discussion type of meeting. To get started, have them complete the form (includes guidelines) and schedule a time to meet with the SU team. If the project involves organizing an event for Girl Scouts outside of the troop, the event planning process must be followed.

Financial Aid

While all troops strive to be self sustaining, at times individual members may need additional assistance. Council has some aid available, called opportunity funds. For details, review the application and guidelines below.

  • To apply for opportunity funds, complete and submit the application. The application includes guidelines which must be signed by the leader and parent. This form is also available in Spanish.
  • To apply for opportunity funds to cover a new member's first year of registration fees, complete and submit this form, also available in Spanish.


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